101 in 1001

I’ve seen these before on several other pages, and thought it was a rather clever idea.  Rather than forcing myself to stick to one new year’s resolution, I thought it might be better to challenge myself to do all sorts of things in the next few years to come.
I thought this was going to be easy to write, and I thought I’d breeze right through this.  It was actually more difficult than I expected to make a list like this, but I hope it will be tons of fun to actually work through.
Start Date:  January 1, 2014
End Date:  September 28, 2016
1.  move in with someone I love {june 15, 2014}
2.  make a souffle  {march 4, 2015}
3.  plant a tree
4.  see the Book of Mormon
5.  donate blood
6.  read fifty new books {the wolf of wall street, out of my mind, allegiant, the fault in our stars, the kite runner, wild, the invention of wings, david and goliath, swim the fly, #girlboss, a tree grows in brooklyn, and then there were none, carter finally gets it, i hunt killers, game, blood of my blood, throne of glass, crown of midnight, heir of fire, queen of shadows, the false prince, eleanor and park, yes please!, flowers for algernon, monster, the outsiders, the selection, the elite, the one, the girl on the train, percy jackson and the lightening theif, percy jackson and the sea of monsters, percy jackson and the titan’s curse, the maze runner, the life changing magic of tidying up, the maze runner, the life changing magic of tidying up, you are a badass, the mark of the thief}
7.  redesign my house; take a chance on white {white arm chairs}
8.  start getting serious about yoga; take a yoga class {inner fire yoga 2.1.2014, dragonfly yoga 3.4.2014}
9.  find a job I love {english teacher, peacock middle school}
10.  find a real blog theme
11.  start donating some serious time to this blog
12.  take a class on photography
13.  start crafting more; design some things for your house
14.  attend a Packers/Bears game
15.  order a box from Plated {july 2015}
16.  purchase an ipad {1.1.2014–white ipad air}
17.  planned a themed party for my friends
18.  find a signature cocktail and learn to make it perfectly {vodka martini}
19.  start putting recipes in that beautiful cookbook my mother gave me
20.  start a successful garden {summer 2016}
21.  make chicken stock from scratch {summer 2015, january 2016}
22.  for one month-five days a week-cook all my meals from scratch (eat out only on weekends-if I must)
23.  start pickling vegetables for Jeremy and my bloody mary’s
24.  make a painting
25.  reread Smart Women Finish Rich {summer 2015}
26.  scrutinize my closet and better define my style–in both clothing and design
27.  budget for a bi-weekly mani/pedi {been going every other week since the start of the year}
28.  pay it forward–pay for someone’s coffee? {december 2015}
29.  run another 5k {jingle bell fun run}
30.  start taking care of your skin
31.  get laser eye surgery–being blind is no fun
32.  write an article for a newspaper or magazine
33.  buy a big girl purse:  the Michael Kors Large Hamilton bag {4.22.2014}
34.  see the ball drop in New York City
35.  buy a house {september 21, 2015}
36.  get engaged
37.  get a gym membership and starting exercising on a regular basis {glass court gym}
38.  for two weeks, replace the second cup of coffee with a glass of water {2.3.2014-3.3.2014}
39.  take a trip {spring break 2014 to Nashville 3.23.2014-3.28.2014}
40.  subscribe to magazines–Food Network magazine, Food and Wine, any interior design magazine {F&W 1.5.2014, Bon Apetite december 2015}
41.  send out Christmas cards
42.  start talking to my family more openly {4.14.2014}
43.  learn how to make sushi {may 2015}
44.  conquer my fear of the grill {summer 2015}
45.  be more confident
46.  one day in the summer, get up early with a cup of coffee, sit alone and watch the sunrise
47.  find the perfect lipstick color, and then wear it more {kat von d painted love lipstick: stiletto}
48.  organize my iphoto library and download favorite facebook pictures
49.  reupholster a piece of furniture
50.  run a 10k
51.  stop being so afraid
52.  buy a pair of Christian Louboutins, classic black
53.  make all home cleaning supplies myself–windex, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent?
54.  make it through the T25 workout dvds at least two times.
55.  lose seven pounds
56.  take an introduction to sewing class
57.  grow my hair back out, and learn to really use a curling iron {rocking the waves daily}
58.  cook a dish with mussels {4.14.2015}
59.  have lunch at the John Hancock building overlooking the city
60.  buy my own stationary
61.  master the art of cooking rice
62.  go on a wine tour in Door County/California
63  make pasta from scratch
64.  take a cooking class at Le Cordon Bleu {marcel’s culinary experience}
65.  learn to play cribbage
66.  go vegetarian for one month
67.  do dinner in the dark
68.  visit California
69.  sing more {thank you 80’s & 90’s playlists of the world}
70.  go on a picnic
71.  design an office that is completely my own space, and makes me want to come in and work
72.  send a gift to a friend for an accomplishment of theirs
73.  buy a pair of Manolos
74.  have a photoshoot done
75.  watch Sex and the City in it’s entirety again
76.  go to a haunted house (I’ve never been)
77.  throw a dinner party
78.  get a facial
79.  watch every major Audrey Hepburn film {sabrina}
80.  invest in a few house plants {vine plant from grandma, farmers market weekly flowers}
81.  go up in a hot air balloon
82.  write Jeremy a love letter, that he’ll open when we turn 30 {4.21.2014}
83.  start writing more; maybe articles, or stories
84.  go to an art gallery {museum of contemporary art, chicago 6.29.2014}
85.  purchase five beautiful coffee table books (for the new redesigned house i’m working on)
86.  design an at home office for Jeremy as well
87.  see a comedy show {the lincoln lodge, chicago 6.20.2014}
88.  find a go-to coffee shop–not Starbucks {corner house, lombard}
89.  attend a food festival {windy city wine, lombard ale fest, taste of wheaton}
90.  watch fifteen classic black and white films
91.  learn to do my own taxes {3.19.2014}
92.  attend three classes to learn something you never thought you’d do
93.  see the northern lights
94.  learn to shuck an oyster
95.  see a Cirque du Soleil show
96.  cook my way through a cookbook
97.  start a new tradition with Jeremy {make lobsters on New Years}
98.  take a trip out to colorado to see Aunt Monica
99.  watch fifteen new TED talks {TED radio hour, the power of positivity, my stroke of insight}
100.  if by the time this list is complete, my blog is doing moderately well, create my own website for it
101.  save $10 for every goal accomplished, and donate $10 to charity for every goal not accomplished

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