one year

This past weekend was an extremely wonderful weekend for me.  Although some people would argue it is a mere blink of the eye, Jeremy and I celebrated our one year anniversary.

I met Jeremy in college.  We had mutual friends; friends that had been his far longer than mine.  I didn’t take to him quite as well as I have now.  He was vocal and opinionated, and I thought frankly, a little bit conceited.  We hung out together on numerous occasions through our friends.  I seldom spoke to him, and therefore didn’t know much about him in the first place.  Like a typical girl, I was quick to judge and slow to actually get to know.

We graduated four years later, and he went his way and I, mine.  I really had no thoughts about what he might be doing, and didn’t particularly care either.  My friend Tomissa, the writer of the blog She Loved Life moved away from Madison for a brief period of time, and caused this entire blessing in my life to happen.

The day Missy moved away, she asked me to come by and help her clean her fridge full of beer.  It said it was one thing she wasn’t going to pack up with her, and she needed some help getting rid of it (who am I to turn down a friend?).  I put together a beautiful Wisconsin inspired cheese plate with several Madison area cheeses to snack on while we drank.

Needless to say, several beers in, Missy decided to call Jeremy.  Jeremy was a good friend of hers, and she wanted to talk to him and tell her how her life was moving on, and she was sad about it.  Briefly after she dialed the phone, she handed it off to me, and left me talking with what I felt was a complete stranger.

The rest, my friends, is history.  That night sparked a small fire between us, and we began talking much more frequently.  Being the shy person that he is (yeah right) Jeremy asked me out after a few months of chatting.  An unlikely pair.  But an extremely happy one.

*  *  *

I can not thank Jeremy enough for the major impact he’s had in my life this last year.  He’s taught me so many things.  He taught me to be more confident.  He taught me to believe in myself, and to give myself some credit every once and a while.  He taught me to be more selfless, and that sometimes my selfishness is a ploy to not let people in.  And most importantly, he taught me to love someone else in a way I never knew possible.  I can only hope that the last year of my life is just the beginning, and that there can only be more wonderful things in store for the two of us.

image-1Jeremy and I having drinks before dinner at Tango Sur in Chicago.  The place he took me for our very first date.

I love you, Jeremy.

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