Most people argue that a new year brings a clean slate: starting squeaky clean, if you will. I have taken this phrase to a whole new meaning. But after a rough start to the year, I feel better today that this year will be the birth of a new and fabulous chapter in my life.

After a fabulous New Years Eve dinner with Jeremy, which consisted of cooking my very first lobster, I was feeling on cloud nine. I planned it all ahead: citrus and spice marinated olives, a cheese plate with crusty bread and grape and almond tapenade. I was so excited. I had steaks marinating in red pepper flakes, salt and pepper and rosemary and Jeremy was bringing the lobsters. It was not only picture perfect but absolutely delicious. Champagne and cuddling on the couch replaced dessert and a kiss at midnight to top it off. That is as about as good as a new year gets.

And then I woke up after a little sleeping in on the actual day of the new year. And all that euphoria came crashing down. First, the dog pooped in my house, and that was a fight already. Then Jeremy and I fought because of the dog poop. Then I tried to take my anger out on the giant mess in the kitchen we had created the night before. In my complete inability to ever create a thorough grocery list, I had forgotten dishwasher detergent. In my anger I thought, “I wash dishes with dish soap, why can’t I use it in the dishwasher?” So in went the dish soap and several moments later, out came waves of suds. Now I’m angry at the dog, feeling guilty about fighting with Jeremy and cleaning up the giant soapy mess on the floor.

To make the day even worse, I took all those dirty towels and decided to throw them in the wash. But to be efficient I gathered all the household towels to get them all done. Genius, finally. So into the wash they went, and out on the town Jeremy and I went. When we came home, I changed the wash over to the dryer. All my lovely towels, my throw blanket, and dish towels are now all a glowing shade of pink. Just the cherry on top of my day. And I hate pink.

However, today has been better. Despite going back to work, I have finally figured it all out. The pink throw is still warm and toasty, I finally finished running the dishwasher (yes, it took two days and lots of intermittent suds cleaning), and-the upside-my floors are very clean. I feel much better today, and am looking forward to the start of the year. 2014: bring it on. I’ve already hurdled all you’ve thrown at me. I’m not going down this year!

New Year’s Eve dinner:


and the suds tragedy:
20140102-171525.jpgyes, that’s coming up through my sink…


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