cabin fever

So it’s the coldest weekend in Wisconsin history, and because of this I’ve been stuck inside, mostly on the couch. And believe it or not, I am going crazy. I decided, since they cancelled school on Monday, to come down and spend a long weekend with Jeremy. I didn’t realize it was going to be so ungodly boring. None of my things are here; I can’t craft or work on any of my projects. We are snowed in, so going to the store is actually a challenge, so I can’t cook. And we can’t really go out because the roads are terrible and the wind is whipping. Needless to say, I have a case of cabin fever.

Even George can’t take it anymore. He’s been sitting by the sliding door intermittently throughout the day, looking longingly outside. He can’t even go out for too long. Unless he wants to be a dog-sicle. I feel his pain, and, ironically, feel I have connected with him more during this weekend than any other time. We’ve been playing together a lot, but I think mostly to pass the time. I feel like a caged animal. I can only wonder how he feels everyday.


If anyone has suggestions on how to pass the time, I’m more than happy to listen. Ally eh laundry is done, and the house can only be cleaned so many times. I could use some inspiration on how to make it through the next two days during this freezing, snowy weekend.

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