the secret life of walter mitty

I took myself on a date tonight–not weird at all, thanks–and went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

From the moment I saw this preview I knew this was a movie I had to see. And I have never been more right. Great films have a way of connecting us with the characters on the screen; somehow allowing us to relate to them, even in the slightest way. And sometimes I feel like we long to be more like certain characters and admire their qualities that we do not possess. I feel I have never more closely related to any character more than Walter Mitty.

Being a constant day dreamer can cause you to sometimes miss out on the realities of life. I have always day dreamed–and still do–about who I’d be, places I’d go, people I’d meet, my friends, my family…anything really, both happy and sad. It brings me comfort to see another person, albeit fictional, share in this pastime, and share so many of the same secrets I do.

For some of us daydreamers, the real problem is that, like Walter Mitty, the real truth behind it all is that we may be afraid. Whatever failure we have to launch into these dreams and allow them to become reality is a common character flaw of us both, and stopping us from being the people we are truly meant to be.

I have been both touched and inspired by Walter. Leaving the theater I felt both happiness and hope after watching a person I feel so closely mirrors myself get past this fear and turn their life into what it was always meant to be.

I offer the strongest recommendation for this movie. The storyline excluded, the scenery is breath taking and there are definitely laughs around every corner. And if you are like me in any way (written story before movie) you can read the short story written by James Thurber.

I am thankful to have seen this now. This was the boost I needed. Thank you Walter.

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