I think all relationships have their ups and downs.  I would say if you don’t have both, your relationship struggles.  There is a balance to everything, and you can’t have one without the other.

As no exception to the rule, I definitely have my ups and downs in my relationship.  While I try to learn from the downs, it’s hard to ignore the absolute bliss that comes from the ups.  Last weekend Jeremy was up to visit, and the weekend started on a down.  I really tried to put a “romantic” evening together on Friday when he got here.  A couple of great movies to watch, a fun menu of homemade buffalo chicken pizza and rosemary parmesan popcorn, and a sweet little pad decked out with pillows to cuddle up on and watch movies together.  I thought it was great.  I was sure he’d love it.

And he did, don’t misunderstand, but things just did not go the way I planned.  My pizza crust wasn’t crispy, we were too full to eat the popcorn (I was pretty bummed out about that), and one of the movies we watched just hit a bit too close to home about the recent conflict we’ve been having.  Needless to say, after the movies were over, things spiraled downhill.  We had a pretty big stand off (notice I didn’t say fight–because we are too stubborn) that continued long into the night.

Bygones will be bygones, and we finally decided that we could compromise on the outcome, move forward, and finally get to sleep.  And the rest of the weekend, my friends, was bliss.  We slept in on Saturday, and did some much needed work in the morning.  Jeremy made pancakes and we had freshly brewed coffee.  We went to the store in the afternoon to get groceries for the Superbowl, and then went to my first ever yoga class at the studio.  I could not have felt more supported, or comforted that day.  As I said in my previous post, the class didn’t go well, and Jeremy was there (literally) by my side the entire time.

Long and unentertaining story short, I have felt this rekindling between the two of us.  I would say our relationship is an overall extremely happy and fulfilling relationship, but it is nice to know that those butterflies can come back, even after so long.  It’s a wonderful feeling to look at the other person and be so completely in love with them all over again.  Love really is the greatest force on the planet.  I thank whoever is up there for blessing me with the ability to love and be loved by someone else.  For my love life, things could not be any better.

lights at the arboretiumWalking around looking at the lights in the arboretum this winter.  Very cool night.

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