beginning a real blog

I am starting several new journeys in my life right now.  Yoga is a big part of one.  I am definitely loving that.  Blogging is another.

I am a person of many words.  I talk a lot, I write a lot.  There are people of few words, but I am a person of many.  I worry, then, that all the words I have to say are too much for a page, and who would want to read all of them?

So when it comes down to it, are fewer words better?  Is it like that office email you get where someone always writes a novel about something that needs to be said, and you glance at it thinking, “oh God, I’m not reading all of this.”  Should the philosophy of blogging be “short and sweet?”

How much self is too much?  There are some things that I have written about thus far that I wonder if give away too much of my personal self.  I feel like part of blog writing is to tell the world about who you are, but how much is too much?  Where do you draw that line between personal thoughts, and public ones?  Or is there no line?  Is the lack of line what makes the great writers so great?

Is a picture really worth a thousand words?  So many of the regular blogs I read are riddled with pictures.  And I love them.  All these people are fantastic photographers and artists, and I will admit I am jealous.  I love to look at the way they masterfully place a photo on the page, the way they artistically place everything in the frame.  Should be I posting a photo with every blog, to alleviate some of my words?  Or at least to break up my words?  But I feel like a picture needs to be strategically placed to serve a certain purpose.  And photography is not yet my newest journey.

Needless to say, I am a blogging amateur.  In fact, at 25, I feel like an amateur with just about everything I’m doing.  I honestly feel like at my quarter life, things are all starting over again.  I am dipping my hand into a different basket this time around, and seeing what happens.  But this time, I’m reaching out for advice.  No one can go it alone.

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1 Response to beginning a real blog

  1. xivv says:

    Good luck with your blog!

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