the open road

Spring break is just around the corner. Jeremy and I have been debating what we would like to do. Like the Last-Minute-Sally’s we have proven to be for the last two years, we have neglected to make any plans beforehand. And now, with only a few weeks to go, we are stuck with nothing to do.

Jeremy’s pretty obsessed with Hershey, Pennsylvania. The drive isn’t long, and it’s charming. And spring break surrounded by chocolate? The only thing better would be temperatures above 40 in Wisconsin!

The other place he’s thinking is the hot springs in Arkansas. Not bad. A definite break from the bitter cold and recent snow. And, not going to even be bashful about it, this yoga recently is making me far more confident about my hidden swimsuit body. It’s making its way out.

I, however, consult my inner fat child and would take a different route. I was considering a trip to the Kansas City/St. Louis area. The weather is a bit warmer, but mostly…the barbecue!! I am all about it.

I also would really enjoy seeing the arch. A little sight seeing, some decent weather, and amazing food… I think I still have time to convince him.

Any suggestions out there for seemingly close trips? No matter where I go, the break is much needed. Spring break, I can’t wait!!

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