casino night: show me the money!

Last weekend Jeremy had a fundraiser that he kept telling me I had to come to.  I wasn’t all too excited, and actually made plans to see my girlfriends in the city (which Jeremy was not very happy about).

Needless to say, it turned out to be an absolute BLAST!  It was casino night there, and we got vouchers for some fake money, which I hesitantly cashed in.  I’m a horrible gambler, and didn’t think this would last me very long.  I thought, “I’m going to play two rounds and lose all my money, and then have nothing to do.”  But, my $500 dollar voucher slowly started turning into more money…and then more money…and then even more.  Before I knew it, I had turned my $500 into almost $12,000!  And the dealer was my new best friend.

Jeremy joined in a little while after me, and started playing on the same table as I was.  He racked up a sizable amount as well (using about 6 of our vouchers as start up cash…) and won $60,000.  The most exciting part of it all happened right at the end.  The announcer told us that it was time for the last hand, so Jeremy and I took his money, and ran to the roulette table, and put it all on red.

Now, it’s fake poker, my friends, but I have never been so nervous in my entire life.  The ball went around, and around, and around…until it finally…landed…on…RED!  We doubled our fake money and ended up winning $120,000 fake dollars!  It was so unbelievable!!!

Now, I got so excited about winning, winning, winning, I ended up completely ditching my gals in the city.  So, since the secondary plans were already ruined, I decided to put my raffle tickets into the raffle going on.  Now, I have lots of girlfriends in the suburbs, so I put most of my raffle tickets into the Coopers Hawk gift card box, the Apple TV box (for Jeremy), and the Nordstrom’s gift card box.

Cutting to the chase, I won the Coopers Hawk gift card and the Nordstrom gift card.  I could only win one of the prizes, but I gave my other tickets to someone else, and they claimed my prize.

So, moral of the story:  I should have bought a lottery ticket, because I was on FIRE, BABY!  It was a fantastic night, and I was so excited to go and play, and be there.  And I really could have used the $120,000.  Haha!  Couldn’t we all?

photo from Google Images

photo from Google Images

Vegas, here I come…

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