homemade chicken pot pie

During my bought of sickness, I felt there were two things people always want when they aren’t feeling well:  chicken soup and their moms.

I, however, do not have the luxury of my mother coming to bring me soup while I am sick, or making sure I drink enough water (I actually have no one to do any of that for me…), so the “taking care of” is left to me.

I decided though, that chicken pot pie would be nicer than chicken soup.  First, I can just throw it all together, and then bake it, but second-when’s the last time you had chicken pot pie?

I opted for easy version, and one hour later (after chopping, boiling, and baking), I had a delicious pan of chicken pot pie, and plenty to fill my empty, ailing belly with.

chicken pot pie


There is something quintessential about a warm chicken dish when you’re under the weather.  Something that warms your entire body, from the inside out, and transports you back to those days when mother took care of you, rubbed your back, took off work and watched movies with you, and tried to make you feel better. Well, my chicken pot pie didn’t cure my illness, but it mostly certainly comforted me for a few days.

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