the bug

It is official. I am sick.

I do not get sick often. I was blessed with a super immune system, and the smallest bug I really ever get is a runny nose. I am grateful for that. But, like all exceptions, this one is happening now.

Reasons you know you’re sick #1: you are congested and have a runny nose at the same time.

Tuesday I didn’t even go to work and stayed holed up in bed all day drinking tea and watching Gossip Girl (I think it’s Chuck’s baby). I thought it would help. Other teachers are always telling me to suck it up and take the day off, recover and come back healthy so it doesn’t turn into more sick days later. I tried, but I woke up this morning feeling worse.

Reasons you know you’re sick #2: you go to hot yoga and even in a 90° room you’re cold.

Tomorrow is parent teacher conferences and I fear the worst. I don’t want to get anyone sick, and I fear that a 7:00 am-8:00 pm day is going to kill me (you read that right; appreciate your teachers-they give up a lot). I heard strep throat was going around and I am afraid.

Reasons you know you’re sick #3: coffee is not appealing to you. Partly because it now makes your heart race, but also because you can’t taste anymore.

For any of you suffering out there with the long winter, the awful cold, or your own cold, I sympathize. I too am cuddled up with my tea, rendered useless, attempting to fight it off. Stay strong. We’ll make it out of this yet!

Reasons you know you’re sick #4: your face feels like there is a brick attached to it.

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