being noticed

Today I had a conference for school that I was asked to go to.  It’s a Tier 2 training for the PBIS program we use in our schools.  I was honestly shocked when I was asked to go, mostly because I think I am the least patient person with kids, but I agreed.

There are moments in your life that clearly prove to you that you are doing exactly what you should be doing.  I was so involved in the discussions, taking notes, asking questions, coming up with solutions, more questions, and really doing everything I could to be as involved in this process as possible.  I’ve come to understand more and more that administration is really where I think I should be.  I can admit I’m not the best teacher.  I can admit that I struggle with understanding and trying to relate to the middle school mind.  I can admit that somedays I feel stretched so thin at my job I might snap at any point, but I do know that working in education, and trying to work for the betterment of children is what I should be doing.

I can not thank the people at school who asked me to do this enough.  It has been a very self actualizing moment for me, but also a great moment of assurance that I am at least doing some parts of my job correctly.  I know that my future is taking me down a path that doesn’t involve staying where I am, but I also know that what I learned here today is going to be so valuable in my job search in the future.  And I want to do everything in my power to leave a mark on the place I’m leaving.

So today was a great ego boost, and a day for raising my self esteem.  My feelings are not driven from hubris, but from a deep appreciation to the people I work with for making me finally like I am  appreciated, finally being recognized, and for making me feel like a great contributing member to our school community.  I am learning quickly that I am a person that is passionate about change, passionate about doing the right thing for kids, and really excited to do it.


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