be bold

I went to yoga this week, and accidentally signed up for a class that has frightened me from the first day I went. Hot Yoga 26.

The new studio I’m going to calls it something else. Oops. I was so nervous. The first time I took it, I only lasted 30 minutes before completely giving up. This time I almost breezed through the whole thing, really only falling apart at the end. I felt triumphant. I felt like I had overcame this big hurdle and was awesome. It was empowering, and the thought came to me that I should spend the week being bold.

I called Jeremy afterward to tell him of my small victory. It’s a big week for him too. He joined me on the #bebold campaign i was starting. Jeremy had his first primary election on Tuesday and was so nervous. He had his own type of bold going on. I’m happy to report that he won! I could not be more proud of him. It will be a very busy summer trying to run this race, but Jeremy is a man who can do anything he puts his mind to. I know he can do this too. I’m so incredibly happy for him.

So one bold move for him, and one bold move for me. I told my principal today that I am not coming back next year. This was the week to do it. He didn’t have much of a reaction, which I was afraid of, but I finally did it.

Next year is about to become my boldest adventure yet. But at least I get to do it with Jeremy by my side, and not almost 200 miles away.

So, my friends, I encourage you all to take the bold challenge and go out and do your own bold deed. It’s liberating, and exciting, and may just bring extra joy into your life. #bebold

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