live and learn

So, the time has come for our trip to Nashville. And we got up early, drove our eight hours and we’re here!! Hooray.

And the problems begin:
Our hotel: our hotel is nowhere near downtown, unlike their website says. Problem one. Problem two, there are two cop cars in the parking lot upon arrival. Sketchy. Problem three: we booked online, so canceling would mean eating the price of the hotel and looking for a new place. Upon further inspection, the place is disgusting, and the cops cars are there on a prostitution call. Turns out, our place is a hub for activities such as that. A call and complaint to the website later, the fees are waved.

Thus begins problem number two: we are homeless. We are not only homeless, but this week in Nashville is one of the Sweet 16 games, so all hotels are booked. Things are not looking up.

As of now we are looking for a place to stay. My mother argues that staying at our first option may have afforded us extra income and a paid vacation, but I don’t think that spending my vacation “working” is worth it. Thanks mom.

We’ll keep you updated as we go along. For now, we’re happy hotel hunting.


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