honky tonk and cowboy boots

The first official day of Nashvilleness. We did find a place to stay-a hostel here, no less. It blows my mind that places like this exist in the States. This is such a flashback to my Europe days. I couldn’t believe it was even here. We have a nice room with two bunk beds, a nice smaller lounging area on our floor, and a nice common area downstairs. It’s like dorm living for adults. Not to mention the community bathrooms! No, but really, everyone here has been super nice. Jeremy and I even hung out in the common area tonight and had a great time. I was shocked at all the people here. In a town like Nashville with so many touristy bars and live music around every corner, lots of people were hanging out in this meager hostel. Kind of interesting.

After an exhausting search for a place to stay, we finally got to shower and change, and were looking for nothing better than a supper to enjoy together. We didn’t need to go far (surprisingly out hostel is right in the epicenter of everything), and found ourselves at the Piranha for. burger and fries. Tennessee must have known our struggle today, because the happy hour special there that night was Buy-One-Get-One and it was a gift from above.

Far too many beers later, we made friends with a couple next to us, and proceeded to The Stage, to listen to the band. There I realized the shoes I was wearing were dancing shoes, and proceeded to dance the night away. I made it on stage, briefly, before being kicked off. I single-handedly filled the dance floor and met a bunch of really great people.

When we left, we stopped for an emergency Pita Pit snack, Jeremy played the bongos with a street performer, and we made our way home.

All in all, after a super long and exhausting day, after finding and losing our lodging, and after patrolling through the streets of Nashville, we ended up having a wild night. So here’s to Honky Tonk and all the cowboy boots we were greeted with



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