like a drifter

Our second day in Nashville turned out to be more of a bust than we anticipated. Thinking, maybe naively, that the city would present all it’s wonders right to us, we were not expecting to have to look far. But with the festivities the night before, we also may not have been in the best mindset.

We started the morning off with a great breakfast at 417 Union. A small hole-in-the-wall, it offered a variety of different dishes, including classic southern, and (our saving grace) a great bloody mary. The best part was the trip there, where we discovered Arcade and Printers Allies, tucked away inside the city streets. We made a mental note to explore these places further.

Then, we wandered. and wandered, and wandered forever. We went up and down Honky Tonk Highway, through the shops, the side streets, and even to the outer edges of downtown. I was expecting a bit more than shopping, but that’s really all there was for us. Jeremy wanted to check out the Johnny Cash Museum, so we went there. We had a taste of Jack’s BBQ on Broadway, and stopped for a drink at the Coyote Ugly. I was made to do a shot on the bar, not using my hands. Unlike the movie, they do serve water at that bar, but it lives up to (as much as it legally can) it’s reputation of scantily clad women and bar dancing.

Dinner was a bit of a bust. So many people told us to check out Puckets, which we were so excited about. Let me tell you, on a Monday (!) there is a two hour wait. We put our name on the list, but ended up finding a hidden away English restaurant that was fantastic. And after a day of no real excitement, a fabulous and friendly server to point our prospects in a better direction.

Afterward we came back to out hostel (I still can’t believe we’re staying here) and hung low for the evening. I admire Jeremy’s natural charm and way of attracting only the best entertainment Nashville has to offer. This evening it was a very very drunk man on his way to Nassau. He told us, repeatedly, how much he loved Jeremy.

Better things will come tomorrow, but until then, cheers to our first full day in Nashville.




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