all things tennessee

Today we are discovering all things Tennessee. We were on a quest to find some interesting things to see and do today, and we found them.

Our first stop was the State Capitol. Although not as beautiful as the Madison capitol, the Tennessee state capitol is literally built on history. The interior makes up for the drab exterior with beautiful New Renaissance gold plates chandeliers and beautifully painted ceilings. Jeremy was right at home as we walked through the House and the Senate, got to step into the Governor’s office, and explored the artwork on the walls. I admire how passionate he is about these things. I also gave a passionate and stirring speech in one of the chambers. Am I a future legislator?

From there it was on to TPAC to the Tennessee State Museum. Chocked full of history, this place took us hours to get through. I have to admit though, being from the “North,” we have a very different view of what happened during the Civil War and slavery. It was a small culture shock, but very interesting. I have also decided that before I die, I will be needing an oil painting of myself.

In all, it was a much more informative and fun filled day. And then it was on to Puckett’s (finally) for some barbecue lunch. All in all, a successful Tennessee day!

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