the opry

After a long day of museum touring and learning all about the great state of Tennessee, it was time for some culture.

It was date night at the Grand Ole Opry. What I didn’t know: the Opry is a radio show. It’s fabulous. Although our seats were way in the back, it was so much fun.

Today was a conglomerate of all different musicians playing on the stage. They got three songs to play, and they came from all sorts of varieties if country music. We heard some classic country, bluegrass, modern country, and some hall of famers out on the stage.

Here’s what I learned: not being a country music fan, I had to definitely put myself in a different position to both understand and appreciate the music. However, sitting there listening to the rhythmic banjo of the bluegrass performance, I realized that music plays such a huge part of our lives. No matter what kind it is, all people are touched by music in some form. It is the foundation of our lives. And all of us can at least appreciate all music in live performances. Seeing the talent these people have on stage is a far different experience than listening to it on the radio. Music is a powerful thing. I was happy to be there to experience it, and actually had a great time.




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