belle meade

The last leg of our trip: the Belle Meade Plantation. We took a short trip out to the small town outside of Nashville to explore the plantation out there. Last year on our trip to Myrtle Beach, Jeremy really wanted to go see a plantation, so we finally got out to see one.

Belle Meade is a horse plantation, and the birthplace of thoroughbred racehorse auctioning and breeding. It was beautiful. Beautiful, but completely impractical. The entire mansion was wall to wall carpeting (on a horse farm…really?). It wasn’t set up very practically, but in fairness, was built outward as the family grew richer. The kitchen was not attached to the house until way later in history, there were so many stairs, with bedrooms all over. But it was gluttonous. It was extravagant and over the top, and extremely lavish. These people had crazy money.

But being a plantation, it is still plagued by history, and those reminders of slavery still remained there. It is a sobering reminder of the cost of this excessive lifestyle.

The tour was great, informative, and well put together (costumes and all). We finished it all up with a wine tasting at the plantation winery. Delish!!


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