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the first steps.

This was a great weekend.  I haven’t had a weekend this great in a long time.  Dinner with the girls Friday night (and an absolutely amazing short rib risotto at Coopers Hawk).  And then a lovely evening with Jeremy at … Continue reading

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Upon my new move to Chicago, things must be done at home to make sure this is a smooth transition.  Namely, I have to paint all my walls back to white.  Now, I went a little crazy a while back … Continue reading

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the deed is done.

I apologize right off the bat for being missing in action these last couple weeks.  Life has created another roller coaster that has just been far too out of control this time.  Details are unimportant and boring, but there is … Continue reading

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work out.

Well, my two months of yoga are done.  I am pretty sad.  I loved going to yoga every night.  There is something about yoga that slows down my entire world, and puts me at ease.  Before I go night, I … Continue reading

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