the first steps.

This was a great weekend.  I haven’t had a weekend this great in a long time.  Dinner with the girls Friday night (and an absolutely amazing short rib risotto at Coopers Hawk).  And then a lovely evening with Jeremy at home.

But Saturday began my first steps to my new life.  I got up Saturday morning, kissed Jeremy goodbye, and went off to find myself a job.  It felt nerve-racking, walking into an establishment asking if they were hiring.  I felt somewhat life a failure, but also liberated in a way.  I am essentially just looking for something to pass away my summer, but in many regards, finding a job at the mall feels like a major down grade from my teaching career.  But I had to keep reminding myself that if I were still teaching, this would still be the summer job I’d be scouting.  What made it hard was knowing that this job might end up to be more permanent that originally intended.

But, it was liberating, because this is the first step toward my new life with Jeremy.  I will be working down by him, living with him, and I won’t have to worry about waking up at 3:30 am on Monday mornings to make it back to Wisconsin in time for my job.  And yes, that extra night sleeping next to him is worth it.

Today, I filled out numerous online applications, a few archaic, written applications, and also finalized all the teaching applications that I can currently do right now.  It feels amazing.  My name is out there in so many ways, and I feel like I have the world on a string.  Now, I just need to hope that someone calls me back, and wants me to be their Atlas.

There has never been a more exciting feeling to me than beginning this new phase in my life.  I had excitement about my first job, yes, but having no one to share that excitement with makes it pale in comparison to this.  I channel my inner Frank when I say :

“And each time I roam, Chicago is

Calling me home.  Chicago is

Why I grin like a clown.

Chicago is, my kind of town.”

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