homemade pizza.

Part of my personality is one that always sticks to the recipe.  Even in life, I am a rule follower.  I often feel guilty when I break the rules, and rarely do I intentionally do something that doesn’t fit inside the lines we’ve drawn around our lives.  Lately, I can honestly say I’ve been breaking the mold, and it has felt amazing.

Tonight, I decided to throw the recipe away.  Tonight I went recipe-less.  I bought two chicken breasts, some tomatoes, basil, and decided to make myself a pizza.  I just winged it.  Now, I realize you can’t go wrong with pizza, but this was a big deal for me.  I added some olive oil and white sauce to my crust, lots of delicious mozzarella cheese, some grilled chicken, chopped grape tomatoes, and put that baby in the oven to get crispy and bubbly.  And then, I took it out, added some freshly julienned basil, and a little feta and parmesan cheese for a salty finish.

I must say, it turned out amazing.  And though most of you reading this think I am crazy for patting myself on the back so hard for making a homemade pizza, it is a small victory for me.  I am one break closer from stepping out of the box of conventionalism and living my life the way I’ve felt like I’m supposed to be living it for so long.  And, as titled, I am ready to clean my plate, and soak up the deliciousness of life.

So here’s to the pizza that started it all!

homemade pizza.

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