wedding bells.

One of my great college friends got married this past weekend.  The entire thing was absolutely beautiful.  My friend, Leslie, was gorgeous, her venue was picturesque, and the weather was perfect.  Overall, the entire thing was a smashing success.  I could not be happier for my friend.  I wish her all the joy and happiness in her new life adventure.

But it got Jeremy and I talking about weddings (Slow down, everyone, we are not ready to be married!).  But marriage and weddings tend to be an interesting topic of discussion-especially when you are surrounded by them for the first five years out of college.  But the more I go to, the more I start thinking about what they mean.  For starters, they are two completely different things.  A wedding is a one day event, and a marriage is a lifetime event.  I think all too often people get the two confused.

Upon the closure of Leslie’s ceremony, the song “This is the Best Day of My Life” played.  I immediately found this to be puzzling (although more fun than the typical classical music exit).  It seems to me that your wedding should never be the best day of your life.  It should be a great day of your life, but not the best.  If the best day of your life is only the 24 hours of your wedding, it makes for a very long and hard marriage.  I would hope that there would be many best days to come, and so many other things to look forward to together than just walking down the aisle.  Sometimes, I worry the true meaning of marriage is forgotten, and is simply replaced by the obsessive, lavish party that is your wedding.  I feel this is especially true of some of the people my own age getting married.  We are all being sucked into the business of weddings…

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be married.  I want to have a wedding, and I dreamt of being the princess-for-a-day as much as the next girl.  But when I stop and put the wedding into the perspective of my entire life, it doesn’t really seem to make much sense.  Marriage is the start of your new life; one you are going to spend with another person.  I’d hate to start my new life with a huge hole in my pocket caused by those “peonies I had to have out of season!”  I would so much rather put all that money toward buying a home and really giving our marriage a decent start.

Am I too practical?  Is this my one time to go hog wild on one day?  I don’t know.  Jeremy and I were just chatting.  I go back and forth on the traditional route, and doing something Carrie Bradshaw style, and keeping it small, romantic, and reserved for only the most important people in my life.

I have lots of time to decide.  Just food for thought…what do you think?


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