excessively lazy.

Something is going on with me lately.  I do not know what it is.  The weather is finally becoming nice, the windows are open, the sun is shining and I could not be happier for the change.  School is winding down, and although things there are busy, it is finally all starting to wrap itself up nicely.  And moving is going fairly well, too.  Most of the stuff is moved, except the “big” stuff.  So what is going on?

I have been feeling beyond lazy the last two weeks.  As soon as I get home from school, I find the couch, and I don’t move much.  Although the grading stack is piling up on my desk, bringing it home sounds like a fate worse than death.  I haven’t been able to bring myself to pack up even more stuff.  I’m afraid of packing up the things I’m really going to need.  Yoga is starting up again (after the long Memorial Day weekend), so that will help.

This year at school has been intense.  Of the eight class periods a day we teach, I have seven with classes.  I get about a 45 minute break everyday from 9:15-10:00.  And I work from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm everyday.  And then I come home and have to take care of my own personal responsibilities.  Tack on the move, trying to find a job, visiting Jeremy, and the actually out of school work I do.  Maybe this is my body trying to tell me to slow down.

But I don’t like being excessively lazy.  In fact, I feel pretty horrible.  I have this guilty feeling that I’m wasting my evenings.  I used to cook, and work out, and run errands and be around.  I’m hoping this isn’t me becoming a lazy blob.

I need some inspiration.  Send something my way to get me moving again, world.  I certainly could use it.

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