There has been a lull in my posting lately, and I am very aware.  But, it is official:  I am moved in with Jeremy down in Chicago.  I could not be more excited!  This weekend was absolutely insane.  Friday I had to go to school, finalize grades, clean and pack up my room, say my goodbyes, and then drive home, pack up my apartment with the final things I needed, and finally drive home to see my family for a little quality time for Father’s Day.

And quality time it was, indeed.  My parents and I had a much needed conversation about my path in life.  Coming from a pretty traditional home, my family was not excited about me quitting my job, packing up my life, and moving in with Jeremy.  We finally talked about it.  I mean, really, talked about it.  There have been too many unspoken things between us all, and this was finally the moment they got to come out.  It was a healthy, adult conversation, and I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders.  They aren’t entirely on board, but there is most definitely an understanding there that was not there before.

And then Sunday I made the final trek down to Chicago to unpack, and get ready for my first day on the job.  The house is a mess.  There is definitely not enough room for all the stuff we have, the main lightbulb is burnt out in the living room, but I could not be happier right now.  My life finally feels like it is in my control, and that I’m the one running the show.  That feels good.  My life has moved; in more ways than one.

doorWelcome home.


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