kale caesar salad.

I have a love for Anne Burrell that goes beyond normal, ever so slightly. She has the greatest food ever. And her cooking show on the Food Network, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, was the greatest show on their network. She broke down seemingly complex dishes into simple steps, and showed the home cook how to create food that tasted great, looked amazing, and gave you a sense of pride in your dish. Like you really were a professional. And she was hilarious and colorful to boot.

Needless to say, I own all her cookbooks. And one of my 101 items is to cook a cookbook cover to cover (Julie and Julia style) and make every creation I can. So the natural choice was Anne’s book. And it’s begun.

I chose to start with her second book. Her first is filled with lots of recipes that have lots of ingredients, where her second book seems to simplify and consolidate, which is great for a broke girl like me. I started with her Kale Caesar Salad. Her dressing is out of this world. I’ve never made anchovy dressing before (the real Caesar salad dressing) and it’s amazing the flavor it adds.

I’m not a big salad only for dinner girl, and I like to have a protein with my meal. So I actually added oven baked salmon to this recipe. Here’s the best part of the salmon story: I out Jeremy in charge of standing in the line to get the meat while I went around the store and picked up the other things we needed. Well, being the typical man that he is, he saw a shorter line off to the left and saw salmon so he got in that line. He got the amount I asked him to, found me and brought me the package. He was in line for the super expensive salmon, and ended up buying two prime quality filets for about $30 dollars instead of the stuff on sale. So it was really great quality salmon we got. Haha. Only my checkbook was sorry.

I seasoned the salmon with salt, pepper and olive oil and baked it in a 350° oven for about 12 minutes and then shredded the meat into the salad and tossed it all with the dressing. Amazing. The tang of the dressing is so good. And the salmon is so delicate, it soaks it all right up. Delicious.

Regardless, it was the first of many magnificent meals about to come my way. I’ll keep you updated. I didn’t think ahead and snap a photo of it, but there will be more to come. I have big plans to Own my Kitchen with Anne Burrell this summer.

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