savory stuffed french toast.

Anne Burrell recipe number two: savory stuffed french toast. Why no one has ever thought to do this before is beyond me. We always stuff out french toast with something sweet, but this is a no-brainer. I wish I would have thought of it.

Sunday morning for brunch Jeremy and I were preparing to feast on this gem. And feast we did. The stuffing is a mixture of crispy bacon, and roasted tomatoes and onions. You fry the bacon, add the onion to the grease, cook them out, and then add your chopped tomato and cook until the entire mixture is thick, and almost jam like.

You put some gruyere cheese on one side of your bread, load it up with your bacon mixture, and top it with more gruyere and another piece of bread. The sandwich is soaked in an egg and milk mixture with a little cayenne, and cooked in your pan until golden brown.

Since this is a savory dish, syrup isn’t the thing here. I fried an egg, kept the yolk nice and runny, and slapped that on top of the french toast. Once you cut into that baby, your yolk soaks the toast and it is heavenly.

This may be my brunch go-to in the future. It’s super simple, and incredibly tasty. With a fresh cup of coffee, or a spicy bloody mary, brunch doesn’t get much better than that.


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