a small classic.

Last night was one of the first nights that I actually had a chance to sit down, I had nothing to worry about or do, and I got to enjoy myself. I watched a movie!

Life has finally settled down. My Madison apartment is empty, my things are moved home, and back to my parents. Monday night I did a mad cleaning of the house and put almost everything into its place. We have a real home now. There are still some piles that need to make it to Goodwill, but otherwise, it’s all finally put together. And it’s a relief.

But last night, Jeremy and I kicked it back to a childhood classic of mine, and made some BLTs. Every Tuesday outside my office is a small farmers market. So I stopped there and picked up some nice big heirloom tomatoes, fresh lettuce, and some home made bread. Jeremy was in charge of the bacon, and must have felt my vibe because he got the nice thick cut fresh bacon from the deli. It was delicious. We had a nice classic dinner in front of the tv together, and got to relax and enjoy sotting together on the couch. It was nice.


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