killer turkey burgers.

In my effort to cook through Anne Burrell’s Own Your Kitchen, I decided to skip forward to her sandwiches section. I love a good sandwich. The possibilities are endless. But I also love a good burger, so when I saw this in her cookbook, I knew this had to be next.

She takes a sort of spicy asian twist on her burger, adding garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sambal oelek and even water chestnuts. I love water chestnuts, so I was intrigued right away.

These babies are so easy to make. garlic and onion sautéed up until cooked through, mix everything together, form patties…and done! I don’t typically make turkey burgers on the grill. I find they don’t hold up as well as other meats, so I make mine in a pan. It seals all the juices in, and keeps them from falling apart between your grill.

And, sorry everyone, there’s no pictures for you. I was feeding two very hungry 20 something boys, and by the time I turned around to get my camera, the burgers were in buns, dressed up, and half eaten. But they were delicious: juicy, crunchy, with a little kick, and a little spice. Perfect for your summer, back patio cook out. Another winner for Chef Anne.

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