moraine view state park.

The big camping weekend has come! And gone…

Jeremy and I finally got to go camping this weekend. We’ve only been trying to find time since June. It was a beautiful weekend to do it. We went to Moraine View State Park in Le Roy, Illinois. We were excited to use out new packs and tent for the first time. Jeremy was really intense. He wanted to do the self contained, walk in-walk out with everything you need on your back. I’ve camped a lot as a kid, and that idea was foreign to me. I always camper camped, the kind where you border on luxury with your indoor toilet and stove. But I went with it. And it paid off.

We had such a good time. Our seven mile hike was hard, being mostly mud and deep horse tracks. Jeremy got suck once or twice:

and his boots suffered…

But we made it. And we more than survived. However, some of the big things we forgot:
1. all the utensils I forgot to pack sitting in the kitchen. We went a little barbarian, eating with our hands and straight of the pan.
2. Jeremy forgot a hat, and I kindly offered him mine.
3. I forgot my flashlight, and (as I embarrassingly admit), my raincoat. I brought plenty to wear, and a sweater, but that would have been a good choice to bring.

Three things, not bad. The utensils were big. It made cooking hard, and eating harder. But the hardest thing was the ground. Jeremy and I have argued back and forth about sleeping pads. I’m stingy, and after spending as much as we already did on all the other equipment, I was having no more. But I have been converted. My hips and shoulders and back have decided he was right, and they are a necessity. And it’s at the too of my purchase list.

But the scenery was beautiful, the escape was even better (and much needed), and we had such a great time. I can’t wait to go again!











Post seven miles, after a little swim, cooling off and cleaning up. Those smiles pretty much sum up the weekend.

Love you, Jeremy.

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