the commute.

This is an irrational rant. This is stupid, childish, and just me straight up complaining. Full disclosure. But it has to be said.

I live five miles from the train stop. That seems like a nice commute. And there are even train stops closer than that. I go to this particular one because it’s a major stop, and even if I catch a later train at night, I know I will always make it back to my car.

But I usually catch the 7:13 train. I leave my house at 6:50 to make this. When Jeremy takes me, we have never missed a train. When I drive myself, I leave usually around 6:40-6:45 because I know I need to park and pay for parking. Now, I have been known to have a lead foot, so I’m not grandma driving to the train. Almost every time, save maybe once, I have missed my train.

Please, tell me how I can speed to the station, and I definitely speed, and it takes me over a half an hour to go five miles!!!! I take the same route I usually do, nothing is different, not wven the amount of traffic; it’s just me alone in my car.

I can not even tell you how frustrating it is. I then have to wait for the 7:45. I am always late to work. And as an intern at my company, being late doesn’t look so good.

Well, today was the breaking point. I was literally standing there, waiting to cross the street to be on the right side of the tracks, when the bars went down, the lights started flashing, and the train whizzed right past me. I was literally on the other side of the tracks!! I broke down. And I stood there and cried. It’s just so ridiculous.

Jeremy doesn’t want to move back to the city, which had been a disagreement we’ve always had. But forty minutes for five miles, we might as well live in the city; traffic can’t be worse than that.

Needless to say, I am really frustrated today. I have hit my wits end with this, and I can not deal with it anymore.

Well, Jenni, why don’t you stop at the other stops, so you don’t have to go that far? Because all the train stops have their own parking codes, and if you don’t pay for your parking, they will ticket you. And I’ve already gotten two of those (that’s another frustrating story. Thanks Metra people for not explaining parking thoroughly when I asked the first time). I don’t know the parking codes, and another $75 ticket might make me combust and blow up half of the west Chicago suburbs.

The transportation system will rob you blind here. If you can make it there to use it through all the traffic…

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