writers block.

I am having temporary writers block. I want to keep writing and stay in the groove, but I’m just stuck. I’m inspired, I’m excited, but nothing’s coming to me.

I was thinking about doing a little more “serious” writing, and maybe putting all the crazy things in my head down on paper, and now that I’ve decided to actually put some energy into it, I’m in a stalemate. It’s frustrating. Maybe I feel now like whatever I put down won’t be exciting.

I wish I could stay home and read and write and cook all day. Why is this not my life? Why can I not find a job where I get to wake up, drink my morning coffee, write a little, read a little, make a big lunch and go out and share it with the world? And then spend my afternoon crafting and writing some more and cooking all sorts of things to share with people? Is this called a stay-at-home-mom? It would be my four favorite things combined: reading, writing, cooking and crafts, mixed in with a community social hour. World: find me this job.

I’ve got to start writing. Get back on the bandwagon, Jenni. Sharpen your pencils…

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