joy, the baker.

I am a frequent reader of Joy, The Baker’s blog. I envy her ability to turn her love into her life, and make a career out of the best things in life: food and writing. Add a little photography in there, and her life seems amazing.

Anyway, she posted a recipe the other day that I had to try: cherry cobbler with blue cheese biscuits. I love blue cheese, so it immediately caught my eye. And I’m also looking for a way to cut out some meat from my diet. So I printed it out and used it as my excuse to get to the farmer’s market on Saturday.

It is a cinchy recipe. It requires a little time to prepare the biscuits, but once the dough is made, it’s so easy. Caramelize some onions, pour them into a pan with cherry tomatoes, a little flour and a dash of chili flakes, and bake. After the tomatoes are roasted, you cut out the biscuits, place them in the pan, and bake a little longer. Easy!

Jeremy and I both really enjoyed it. It’s filling, and rich, and delicious. So thank you, Joy, for bringing some happiness and flavor into our lives.


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