wedding bells.

I have been to many weddings since I graduated college. We’re all getting to that age where we are pairing iff and celebrating our nuptials. And it’s a wonderful and beautiful thing. I’ve enjoyed all the weddings I’ve been to for different reasons.

This past weekend I attended the wedding of my two friends, Megan and Joe. I went to both high school and college with Joe. Although we were not best friends by any means, I feel I have gotten to know a lot about him over the last few years. I met Megan through Joe, and although I have known her for only a short time, I feel that I connect with her a lit. She has qualities that remind me of myself, and others I admire so much. She is funny, smart, talented, and so much fun. She and I have very similar hobbies, and I hope that our friendship will only grow in the future.

But their wedding was beautiful. It was the first wedding I’ve been to in a long time feeling complete confidence that these two have what it takes to make it, and will only continue to grow in love and happiness. They are a great match for one another.

Their wedding was much like them too. It was humble and fun. It was an event that really restored my faith in weddings, and the institution. The weather for their wedding was nice and cool, after the torrential downpour that happened slightly before the ceremony. The decor was simple and classic, being made mostly of personally crafted items by Megan. Everything there had obvious personal significance to the couple. The music was intimate and personal. Our mutual friend Inga and her father played during the cocktail hour, and later in the evening Joe’s best man Matt played with his family band. They were hysterical and brought the entire place together. It always felt like we were celebrating as one, even though I had never met her family. The entire affair was rustic, cozy, and filled with fun.

Jeremy and I left feeling out own loved refreshed and renewed. In a way, I think that’s what weddings are supposed to do. You aren’t only celebrating the joy and happiness of two people pledging their lives to one another, but you are recognizing your own love with someone else, whether you are married or not. And I think that’s what this wedding did, and part of what made it great.

Congratulations to Joe and Megan! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and joy for years to come.

the girls and me, rockin the dance floor.

jeremy and me.

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