millennium park.

We’re back from the long Labor Day weekend. I hope everybody’s was safe, happy and fun. I had such a nice time relaxing with Jeremy, visiting with my family, and just enjoying some much needed R&R.

My parents came down to visit our place since Jeremy and I moved in together. I think that since they were not very happy about it, it was comforting for them to see I’m not living in squaller and that the area I live in is actually really nice. We had a great time visiting, grilling brats, and going for ice cream down in Wheaton. It was a nice time, and I hope they left feeling better about my situation.

But the highlight of my weekend was Saturday night. Jeremy and I got into it a little bit Saturday morning about “keeping the romance alive.” I argued that it’s been missing a bit, and he argued the same point. It’s funny how that happens. And it’s no one’s fault; life has been so chaotic, and I know Jeremy is working hard with his political race, and myself with work. We just needed some time together. And he wasn’t super thrilled I fell asleep before 9:00 pm on Friday night. Woops!

So he planned a nice date for us Saturday. We went to Jazz in the Park at Millennium Park. I packed us a nice little dinner of charcuterie, and a little cupcake surprise at the end. We forgot a blanket, but we sat on our jackets, at cheese and sausage and olives and enjoyed some lovely jazz music. After a few hours our butts started to hurt, so we took a little walk around the park. Our first date was at the Bean, so he could please the tourist in me. We went back that night. It looks so cool at night, with the lights bouncing off of it. It was really fun.

Then he took me over to the fountain heads. I’ve never been. They were tall towers with water running down. And on the inside panel there are faces displayed. Apparently a photographer went around the city and collected over 2,000 faces for this project-just everyday people. Their faces play on these screens, and after a few minutes, they make a kissing-like face and water shoots out of their mouthes through a small fountain. It’s really cool.

The best part was that in between these two pillars is a large pool of ankle deep water. And it’s filled with little kids, of all types, running around playing in it. It is truly a sight to behold. These kids are all different ages, all different backgrounds, colors, religions, and they all play together in petfect harmony. It was amazing. As we sat there watching them, Jeremy said, “how is it you can get this many kids from all different types in one area and it’s perfect happiness, but when you do this with adults, it’s always fighting?” It made me look at the entire scene differently. Something about that place felt sort of magical after that. These kids were sort of hopeful, and I felt like you could never be unhappy in this place. It was so neat.

We played in the water for a little while, and then continued our stroll through the park. I appreciate moments like that in my life so much. They remind me of the joy and good in the world. And they usually turn me around for a while. It’s so easy to get dragged into the cynical side of life, and so hard to get out of that loop. It was one of the best dates we’ve been on in a while. I was humming all the way back to the train.

Take a minute to find something joyful in your life. You’ll be so glad you did.





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