back to school.

This Tuesday was back to school for Middleton. It’s taken me this long to be able to even write this. It’s been really tough for me. Yes, tears have been shed. Yes, hurt has been felt. And yes, the smell of school hallways and new school supplies have been missed.

Since I graduated college in 2010, I have never missed the first day of school. Besides all my own first days, grades 1-16, I’ve never not been there. This is my first year. I started my student teaching after graduation, so I was there for that. Then I got my job the next year, and the following three years always began with kids hugging and reuniting in the hallways, teachers standing proudly outside their newly organized classrooms, and a subdued energy in the air.

This year that didn’t happen. I went to a job with plenty of energy, but equal amounts of tension. And, I will be the first to admit from all my other former posts: I was wrong. I am a teacher.

Jeremy felt like it was his fault. We moved in together, so I quit my job. And I never felt that way. I do feel I made a mistake leaving teaching, but I would never have known if I hadn’t left. That weird encounter with Angel on the train was rather life altering too.

But this was hard. There’s been a lot of emailing and texting with my colleagues back in Madison. I hope they are genuine when they say they miss me just as much. I know I’ll be ok, and the plans for getting into the areas sub-pool are already set in motion. But to all the parents out there, the kids, and to all the teachers, I whole heartedly wish you a happy start to the school year, and hope this is the year you blossom.

“learning sometimes occurs because you insist someone recognize the excellence in themselves.”
rita pearson

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