My family was maybe not the healthiest of eaters by todays standards. We had disproportional meals, at best, but never junk food in the house. Snacks were always apples, or goldfish, or something else healthy. When we were really lucky (which was always, but I mean the grocery list) we got nutty bars! What a treat!

I remember having eggplant once in my life. My parents served it for dinner, just for them, and I tried it. I don’t remember my reaction, but I guarantee at that age I thought the burger was better. So eggplant is new to me. And last night was my first real known experience with it.

I made more like an eggplant salad, with garbanzo beans, couscous, tomatoes, onions and garlic, and nice roasted eggplant meat mixed in. It was meant to be served inside the hollowed out eggplant, but i got all the meat out of there that I could. And it was drizzled on top with a tahini dressing. I was skeptical, but I’m really trying to be conscious of my eating.

It was delicious. Even Jeremy enjoyed it, who initially turned his nose up at the thought. It was really filling too. The garbanzos were cooked just slightly through, so they had a crunch effect to them. The tomatoes were nice and roasty, and the garlic gave it a nice bite. It was a great meal. And even better leftovers for lunch!

I took the recipe from this fine lady’s site. It took a little longer than she said, but it was delicious. I look forward to reading her more and finding out what other deliciousness she has up her sleeve!

Happy, healthy eating!


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  1. Absolutely love your stuffed eggplants! Looks glorious! Loving the addition of couscous and those chickpeas (and also love that you call them garbanzos!). If you have a minute, I’d love your thoughts on my stuffed veggies 🙂

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