My baby is sick. The other day Jeremy has been complaining about stuffiness in his head, not feeling well, being exhausted and complaining of a little dizziness. I thought it was nothing, just him being tired and a side effect of the really hot, humid, rainy weather we’ve been having. I was also feeling the effects of it, so I figured he was just complaining and being a little bit of a whiner about it.

On Wednesday he went to the doctor. He said he couldn’t take it anymore. Turns out, he has vertigo. The ironic thing is, he told me Tuesday night before bed that’s what he thought it was. I laughed and said he was crazy. Shows you what I know!

So he’s been put on bed rest for three days. I thought, “there’s no way he’s going to make it three days doing nothing!” Jeremy and I are what you might call “go-getters. We’re really active, hard working, and don’t do well with down time. And Wednesday he was pretty crazy. I got home and he was clearly bored. I made dinner and he fell asleep on the couch watching TV. It was an uneventful night. But Thursday he said he was really feeling bad. I’m not sure how to help him.

If anyone knows how to try to comfort someone with vertigo, I’d take the advice. I think he’s miserable, and all I can do is give him medicine to knock him out again. I’m hoping it goes away soon, because he hasn’t been doing well, but if you can think of anything, I’d appreciate it.

What a dizzy week!

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