american horror story.

In honor of Halloween in about a month and a half, I felt it was necessary to do something to get the turn of the season going. I thought nothing could be better than finally starting the American Horror Story series.

I hate scary things. I was never the kid watching scary movies, I have never been to a haunted house; I just don’t do scary. This is probably why I have developed a fear of…everything…in life. I never had anything to compare it to.

However, I am biting the bullet and taking a chance. I’m about halfway through season 1, and it is amazing. I am truly obsessed. The biggest challenge is that the only part of my day that I have time for tv watching is night time: about 7:00 to bedtime (which some days is 9:00). So it leaves very little time, but more importantly, is right before I sleep. I only had nightmares the first night. I have also realized that if I work myself to death that day, I’m too tired to dream. This is also problematic because I realize I am also planning my day around my tv show at night and must exhaust myself to the point where nightmares are not even possible. Crazy or completely genius? You be the judge.

The show is both oddly and obviously sexy. It’s allure is based in sexy female cliches and dashingly good looking men. But mostly, I feel sorry for the characters. There is a sadness in Season 1 as they are trapped in this Purgatory between death and life, and they are imprisoned in this house they can not escape. I find myself often empathizing with the characters, wishing they could escape their fate.

There are many things going on that I ca’t determine either. To me, that is the mark of a great show. When I have to think about it, and hypothesize and solve mysteries, I find myself much more addicted than mindless tv (which has its own merits too).

So if you’re looking for something good to watch right now, try American Horror Story. It will not let you down.


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