a new warrior.

It has finally happened!
And I say finally like I waited a very long time and struggled and struggled, which I did not, but the excitement cannot be contained either way. You would feel excited about it whether or not you struggled or didn’t.

I had a job interview today. I got a call from a school looking for paraprofessionals to hire for the school year. It’s not a teacher, like, I have my own classroom, plan my lessons, do report cards, communicate with parents, teacher. But it is a teacher. And more importantly, it is a foot in the door. It is a start, and the job is mine! I got hired today for a paraprofessional educator at Westfield Middle School in Bloomingdale, IL.

I am actually greatly looking forward to this opportunity. Still being a young teacher, I am really hoping to learn some best practices and new techniques to be even better. And I’m looking for someone to continue to teach me how to interact with kids, find balances in life, while still making a difference. And I think this is it. Plus, I get to sub on a regular basis and that will be a great opportunity too.

So, starting September 26, I am officially a Westfield Warrior and am so glad to be back in the classroom, back with kids, and back to my true calling.

What a lucky jerk I am.


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