radio silence.

Hello again! I’m back. I had my big San Francisco trip this week for work. It was a really interesting experience, and one I’m glad I had.

Our Annual Meeting was this year in San Fran, and it’s what I spent the last three months helping my company to prepare for. They had worked much longer than I at getting ready for this, but the moment was finally here. I’ve never been to California, so I was excited to go. I knew that I wouldn’t get much time to see the city, but I was excited to go.

There was nothing to prepare me for the absolute exhaustion and soreness this meeting would bring. Each day was about a 12 hour day (if not more) and it was up and on your feet work the entire time. My legs are so sore. My feet have blisters, even with the most comfortable shoes I could find. Each night I slept with my legs propped up on pillows hoping the blood would rush away from my feet for just a few hours.

But all that aside, I learned a few very important things about myself. I found out that I really can be commanding, and I do have the power to make decisions and influence people. I found out that I am a strong, outspoken person, and that is not a trait everyone has. I also found out how exhausting these things can be, and how much work goes into them on-site, even after you thought all the work was done.

I’m happy to be back in Chicago, though. I hope to make it back out to California, and actually be able to check out all that it has to offer. For now, I’m back, but exhausted. Here’s to the future, and another job done.


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