i need a hobby.

I used to get home around 7-7:30 with this summer internship, and my life was pretty dull.  Get home, make dinner, collapse on couch, watch an episode or two of a show, go to bed, get back up at 5:00 am and do it all again.

Now that school has begun and I’m back in the classroom, a few things need to happen.  I need to find a yoga studio.  There is one in Wheaton I’d like to check out, and is on my list of things to do this week.  So that one is already taken care of, as far as I’m concerned.  But, the second thing that I need to find is a hobby.  I now get home around 4:00, and since I don’t have lesson plans, or grading, my evenings are as free as a bird.  I need something to fill my time.  With Jeremy getting busier and busier the closer election day gets, my nights get freer and freer.  He is often working late, and on weekends trying to get ready for this election.  It’s hard, and it has taken a toll on our relationship that I was not planning for.  Since I am absolutely no help to him in this area, I need to find something to occupy my time until November 4, when I hopefully will get my evenings with my boyfriend back.

Folks, this needs to be a relatively cheap hobby.  I’ve taken a small bump in pay since I took this new job, and things are probably going to get tight around here.  I would love to do some crafting, but depending, that can be pricey.  I’d love to use the afternoons to make mouthwatering meals and snacks at home, but groceries can be expensive too.  Yoga already costs a pretty penny, so that’s going to cut into the funds (it’s a necessity though; the last few months I’ve been dying).  I’ve been reading more, and writing more, but I do need something else to do that’s going to give me some satisfaction, and pass the hours.  I’m in desperate need of it.

It’s not just the loneliness I’m trying to conquer either.  It’s some character building too.  It’s a little getting in touch with my community.  Moving has been a difficult transition.  Illinois and Wisconsin are not the same.  I need something that going to get me out there, get me acclimated, get me more in touch with where I live.  It’s been four months, for goodness sake.  But I’ve spent most of it working in an 8×8 foot cubicle in the city.  I so want to assimilate, and I so want to be happier here.  The out-of-touchness with my community, and the loneliness of a constantly working boyfriend leave me either in the position to mope about (which I’ve been doing and hating) or to toughen up, and put myself out there (which I’m trying to do).

Hobbies, people, we need hobbies!

For now, I have you, Clean Plate Club.  But I need something else to fill up my soul.

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