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facing your fears.

For a while now, I’ve been personally battling some depression and anxiety issues.  It’s been something that’s slowly creeping up in my life, slowly becoming a bigger and bigger problem, and it’s taken a lot of years for me to … Continue reading

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a week of bad luck.

Oh my goodness. What a frustrating week. Regardless of my small risotto accomplishment, I ran into some small hiccups this week. First, I had my new employee physical for work (way to out that off, Schalla) and my new doctor … Continue reading

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risotto challenge.

I am an avid watcher of all things food on television. I cant even tell you how many times I’ve seen chefs create risotto dishes and thought I could never do it. And in the moment of complete self doubt, … Continue reading

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the selection series.

Starting this new job, and working in an English classroom (finally), I’ve had the pleasure of listening to book talks from both teachers and kids about things they are reading.  Since I have some new found free time, I’ve been … Continue reading

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I decided I needed a new hobby.  I want to do something that’s going to show some results; something I can be proud of.  I’ve been feeling lately that I need a big confidence boost, and something that will help … Continue reading

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i always burn the apple pie.

After our great apple picking excursion, I finally found some time after this short, but busy work week to bake our apple pie.  I had off Friday and today from work, so I have been thoroughly living it up. I … Continue reading

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apple picking.

Jeremy and I went apple picking to reign in the new fall season.  As cliche as it sounds, the fall is my favorite time of year.  The air turns crisp, and nips at you a little bit.  It’s prime season … Continue reading

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