A few months back, I decided to cut off my hair.  I took off about 8 inches, and just went with it.  There was no real reason.  I just felt like I needed to make a change.  I needed confidence to change.  If I could change my hair so drastically, and feel good about it, I could change my life too.  And everything would be ok.

Turns out, I look good with short hair.  I have a small head, so short hair is pretty flattering on me.  My hair is also really flat, so it doesn’t have a lot of natural volume.  When it’s long, it hangs like curtains around my head.  It doesn’t curl, it doesn’t wave; it’s just straight and plain and ugly.  When it’s short, it has body and volume and character.  And I need a hairstyle that reflects me.  Sassy, short, and just a little bit crazy.

My hair has now grown out to about my chin, and I faced the drastic decision of going long or short again.  It is finally almost past the awkward stage where it’s staring to look like normal hair, but as it does so, it gets flat and boring and gross.  So, I did it again!  This time, I went shorter than the last time.  Cut number one was a bob.  Cute, simple, but nothing that you couldn’t recover from relatively quickly.  This time, I went pixie.  And that, my friends, is a drastic move.  Pixies don’t grow back overnight.  Pixies are bold, and brazen and in your face (again…I describe myself).  And I could not be happier with the results.


Drama, eat your heart out.



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