i always burn the apple pie.

After our great apple picking excursion, I finally found some time after this short, but busy work week to bake our apple pie.  I had off Friday and today from work, so I have been thoroughly living it up.

I woke up Saturday morning and finally made this apple pie.  I follow the Ina Garten flakey pie crust recipe.  If there is anyone I trust with this classic recipe, it would be Ina Garten.  She has this way of mastering all the classic recipes, and just being all around amazing.  Her crust proved no exception.

I was a flurry of energy on Saturday, running around doing a million things.  After the pie crust was laid in the pan (rolled out with a bottle of wine, because my rolling pin is packed away at my parent’s house in all my “leftover” kitchen supplies), I filled it with three different kinds of baking apples mixed with a little flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and lemon juice.  I rolled out the top layer, laid it on top, and creased the edges.  I cut my slits in the top-preferring this year the more classic pie route-and stuck it in the oven.

Last year Jeremy and I did a lattice top, and we ended up burning the top pieces, because they were too skinny and just fried right up.  This year, I simply forgot about it.  It had to be in there a little over a half an hour.  I was watching the clock, I was on top of it, I was in control.  I don’t need to set my timer.  Except that as I go busy running around the house, I did forget about it.  But, luckily, it only stayed in the oven three minutes extra.  Still, the top was a little dark on the edges, but the house smelled amazing, and it was warm and gooey and delicious.

Although I think apple pie is an iconic American and fall tradition, I have to say that I enjoy making them more than eating them.  I plan on doing pumpkin pie next, which is a major weakness for me, so that one will probably be gone really quickly.  But there is something so humbling about making an apple pie.  It is something that is just so down-home, so ancestral; it is a true time-honored tradition.  I always feel so good about making an apple pie.

So, here it is.  The 2014 apple pie.  Maybe next year, I’ll actually set the timer, and won’t burn my pie.

photo 1


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1 Response to i always burn the apple pie.

  1. triedandglue says:

    I love Ina Garten. She always makes the best looking stuff, and her Instagram is fun. Your pie looks great! I prefer my pie a little more crispy. But I agree, pumpkin is my favorite.

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