I decided I needed a new hobby.  I want to do something that’s going to show some results; something I can be proud of.  I’ve been feeling lately that I need a big confidence boost, and something that will help me bump my self esteem a little.  I’ve realized I have a few issues with this.

So, I decided I was going to take up knitting.  First, I heard it’s really relaxing.  Relaxation is something much needed in my life.  Second, I have a scarf obsession.  I can make myself any color scarf I’d ever want.  Third, I think it’s something I can share with people.  Christmas gifts made easy!  Possible baby gifts in the future (if I get any good).  I love sharing my stuff with people, and I think this will be a nice, useful thing I can do.

So, I watched a few YouTube videos, and bought myself two needles, and one ball of yarn.  My first attempt was sad.  It was borderline embarrassing.  My second attempt actually yielded some results.  But I was working on casting on, so I started over again.  My third attempt was worse than pathetic, and I was upset I stopped in the first place.  Overnight, I let it sit.  And I restarted again.  This time, I did five cast ons, and started small.  It turns out, smaller ones are way harder.  Haha.  This final attempt I’ve made is actually quite good.  I’m really impressed with myself.  I’ve kept this one going, because I want to just keep practicing my loops and keep working on making sure I’m doing this correctly.

But, I’m liking it.  I’ve become a little obsessed with it, actually.  Jeremy jokes that I’m aging us already, but ladies, I know there are lots of us that do this, and lots of us who really enjoy it.  So, I’m finding some new things to do with my time.

Below is my latest attempt of my knitting excursion, and following are some cute crafties I made for the Halloween season.  I just bought some paper machete figurines from Jo Ann Fabrics at their end of Halloween sale.  They were a dollar.  I painted them up, and laid them out with some seasonal leaf bunches and flowers.  I think it looks nice.  But this has been my crafty side lately.  I’ve really been enjoying the free time I’ve had lately, and loving the time to explore and craft at home.  I love it.  Find something exciting to do in your evenings, and share.


witch hat
my little cutsie witch hat

the scary orange coffin

and my crowning glory, the skull, which I think looks pretty darn scary.  I am kind of proud of the shading on the teeth and eyes.

and this is the whole little table set up.  I was feeling in the mood.
Happy Halloween!

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