a week of bad luck.

Oh my goodness. What a frustrating week. Regardless of my small risotto accomplishment, I ran into some small hiccups this week.

First, I had my new employee physical for work (way to out that off, Schalla) and my new doctor basically demanded that I get my flu shot. Well, I didn’t seem to have a choice, but about two days later, I came down with a sore throat. Then my nose started running. Then came the coughing. Coincidence? I think not. It made for a bummer week.

And on Monday I finally FINALLY found a yoga place (the second small accomplishment of the week). It felt so amazing to be back, and sweat and stretch. I can’t even explain to you how happy I was. But Tuesday I tripped over a chair in the teacher’s lounge (twice-yeah, figure that out) and totally bruised my toe. Now, it seems like not a big deal, but your feet are so important in yoga, and there was just no way I could go. My food was bruised. Game over. So my free week was wasted-go figure-and I missed out completely as soon as I got started.

However, it is Friday. I will let bygones be bygones, and enjoy a nice glass of wine. And hopefully, next week will be a better start. Happy Friday.


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