the power of love.

I have a slough of scheduled posts to make, but they have all been interrupted tonight. I just witnessed something, literally moments ago that not only made me insanely happy, but was literally the stuff of love legend.

I obviously have been doing a lot of work and soul searching recently. I’ve been focusing on making myself the best version of me I can be. Part of that is my anxiety about going out, meeting new people, and trying new things. Tonight I was feeling brave, and my efforts were rewarded in this moment.

I took a good book to a new coffee shop in Wheaton (Peets Coffee), to indulge in while Jeremy had his busiest night. I sat down in a chair next to a complete stranger (yes, that is a big deal to me, and worth mentioning), and this boy sitting across the cafe kept looking at me, but mostly this girl at the table next to him. He was so very obviously pretending to read a book. She was so very obviously actually studying (there’s a pretty noteworthy college here in Wheaton).

Once the girl’s study-mate got up to go to the bathroom, this guy shut his book, slowly stood up, adjusted his shirt and took a deep breath. He grabbed his chair, and with great finesse and suave turned the chair around on the ground, moving it close to this girl and her table. He sat backward in his chair, and said hello.

I couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying, but he was charming and she was caught off guard and flattered. It was something straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. The whole exchange lasted about four minutes, and ended with him getting her number. Happily, he returned his chair to the proper table, grabbed his backpack, said goodbye and walked out.

Now, I only saw the back of her head, but being a girl myself, I can tell you her face was a mixture of shock and flattery. Her friend came back from the bathroom and the dirt was dished, in true girl fashion. They both giggled and all I heard from the friend was, “That was really cute. He was staring at you all night.”

I haven’t stopped smiling since it happened. It didn’t even happen to me, but I feel like it was a special and personal moment, for both him and her, that I got to witness. I’ll never know if he calls her. I’ll never know if I witnessed the start of a great love story, or just another person in this cafe practicing their bravery for the evening. It was brave and cute, and truly straight out of the romanciest romance.

It made me happy to know that love really is all around us, and sometimes we don’t have to look to find it. Sometimes it finds us.

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