the clash of pans.

Friday I stayed home from school.  I had an outrageous fever Thursday, and my body ached so badly I could barely get up to walk to the bathroom.  Some bug got me good.  But I slept really late on Friday morning, and when I woke up I felt so much better.  Since I was staying home for the day, I thought it would be a good idea to maybe pick up the house, so the entire weekend was free to do what I wanted!  Great idea, right?

Wrong!  The most tragic event occurred early Friday afternoon.  I should have known it was coming after dropping my water cup at school and watching it crash to the floor, but I didn’t; I was blindsided and devastated.  In our laundry room, which is a small closet-like alcove right off the kitchen, Jeremy put up some shelves for me.  I wanted a place to put all my pans for baking, bowls for serving, and just some of those big-ticket kitchen items that you never have a place for.  I had a beautiful pasta bowl, serving platter, souffle pan, a large ceramic 9X13 inch baking dish, some glass pitchers, bread pans, a ceramic pie “tin,” and so many other things out of the way, in a nice easy to reach place.

I was putting dishes away Friday, and after that was over, I walked to the bathroom to get the laundry to get a head start on it.  I was proud of myself for already vacuuming, doing a great job cleaning up the living room, finally moving some of those last few things that have been hanging out in the corner since I moved in, cleaning up the mess Jeremy left making dinner the night before, and I was going to tackle the laundry too.  I was feeling good; a sick day well spent.  As soon as I got into the laundry room, I heard a really loud crash.  My heart dropped into the pit of my stomach.

I ran out to the kitchen to find this:


Yes, you’re seeing that correctly.  That is the picture of shattered plates, bowls, pitchers, and pretty much all my serving and cooking ware.  Negative self talk set aside, I dropped to the floor and cried.  For people who can’t understand, there is nothing I love more in this world that working in that kitchen.  I love cooking, serving people, making them happy.  That was literally my ability to do that lying on the kitchen floor in shards.  It was not a pleasant day.

The lone survivors are:  my ceramic 9X13 inch pan, which landed on top of the dryer and managed to remain intact, my souffle pan, which was actually inside the 9X13 inch pan, and a plastic pitcher that no longer has a top because that didn’t survive.  It was a brutal defeat.

Here are the negatives:  the pasta bowl I had was the most gorgeous thing I owned.  I loved that bowl, and rarely used it, because it was just too pretty.  Now it’s gone.  I don’t have anything to serve my food on except plates, which makes for a lot more runs of the dishwasher to make sure we can eat off them all week…

Here are the positives:  Christmas is just around the corner, and I now have so many things I can add to my list.  Maybe, if I can hold out long enough (if it ever happens) I’ll have things to also put on a wedding registry…

Needless to say, I am starting from scratch in my kitchen again.  Hopefully my new pan family will make me just as happy.

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