oh christmas tree.

This year, like all years, I make the trip up to see my parents for the holidays, and in return they let me cut down and take a Christmas tree. Since I was little we have sold Christmas trees at our house for anyone to come buy. It’s something really special, and we have return families every year. It starts with a hayride out to the tree field, and then my dad hands you a saw. The only rule is you have to cut the tree at the base, and then do your measuring and cutting later.

That tree field is my childhood. I grew up spending my summer vacations planting trees every year. Those trees are older now, and actually nice and tall and beautiful. So this year, in one of the fields Jeremy and I picked our tree and I cut it down. Jeremy cut a small slice off the bottom once we got it out of the field. He wanted to save it as a reminder of our first Christmas tree together. The tree had seven rings. At some point, I put this tree into the ground, and it grew on my family land and is now in my home.

Jeremy and I decorated the tree together, and watched White Christmas together. It was fun, and it was nice to start our own traditions. The tree is lovely, and another reminder of how much I love this holiday. Sitting on my couch right now, wrapped in a blanket with a good book, I look at the lights and think about how lucky I am, and how thankful I am. I have a little something from home here with me, in a house filled with new possibilities for the future. It’s a great time of year.


my first attempt at a homemade bow. not the best, but i’ll keep practicing.

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